A man bought a small uninhabited island and secretly searched for treasures for 40 years

A man bought a small uninhabited island and secretly searched for treasures for 40 years

Bernard Grimshaw invested his last remaining funds in a little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean in 1962.

Friends thought of him as a recluse who had grown weary of civilisation.

In addition, he resisted selling his plot of land to an Arab sheikh for millions of dollars for 40 years while secretly looking for pirate loot on the island.

Grimshaw only paid $13,000 for the island. Moyenne is big enough for one person at 0.089 square kilometers.

After making the purchase, the man moved right away to the island and started scouting the area.

In the early years, drinking water had to be transported from nearby islands.

Grimshaw worked on the island’s renovation in his spare time. At least, that was his authorized account.

The man planted fruit trees, palms, and mangoes, which made it possible for him to dig deep holes covertly.

As a result, friends regarded Grimshaw as a recluse.

They were unaware that the man had discovered details regarding the loot of infamous pirate Olivier Levasseur while on an expedition in Africa.

In 1729, the East India Campaign drove the privateer on board the sole surviving ship precisely to Moyenne.

It seemed reasonable to believe that Levasseur had left the majority of the riches in this location. Historians place a $40 million value on them.

Grimshaw systematically excavated the entire island for 40 years. He simultaneously transformed it into a true paradise on Earth.

Out of boredom, the guy drew birds to his island and gave huge sea turtles, which were hunted on all other islands, a place to lay their eggs.

Grimshaw finally acknowledged to reporters that he was seeking for Levasseur’s jewels in the early 2000s. But as of right now, nothing is known about whether he was successful.

However, there is verified information regarding the Saudi Arabian prince’s attempt to pay $50 million for the island. Grimshaw turned the prince down.

Moyenne is once again managed by the government. Treasure hunts were outright prohibited after it was transformed into a national park.

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