A woman who relied on her pet rat to help her pass her master’s program celebrates her gradսation

A woman who relied on her pet rat to help her pass her master’s program celebrates her gradսation

Pet rat Remi wasn’t just there for the prom. He was given a unique academic cap because the infant assisted the owner in receiving a diploma.

University of South Florida graduate Sara Martin recently received her degree. She attained master’s status in global sustainability.

The 23-year-old Sara is grateful to her rat Remi for supporting her throughout her training.

She was able to relax and get past her fears thanks to the animal.

A domesticated Dumbo rat named Remy. The huge ears of this species are well known.

The baby elephant named Dumbo from the same-titled animated film inspired the breed’s name.

Sara’s friend advised them to definitely take a photo with the rat just before graduation.

The girl appreciated this concept a lot. She even created a custom academic cap for him.

Before the graduation, Sarah started sharing pictures of Remi on her social media accounts.

A picture of a rat wearing a homemade chef’s hat, similar to the figure from the animated film «Ratatouille,» has gained popularity.

Sara and Remi first spoke in November 2019. To alleviate her feelings of isolation and loneliness, the girl made the decision to have a pet.

«All of my pals were still in high school because I completed my college degree a year early.

My lessons were in the evening, and theirs in the afternoon. I was lonesome. Sarah explains her lack of roommates as one of the causes of her loneliness.

The girl has always found comfort in animals to relieve stress. On the farm where Sara grew up, she became accustomed to them.

The student made the decision to buy a pet in order to combat loneliness.

Given that they are little and carefree, rats were the obvious choice.

Even now, Remi travels with a woman. A clever rat can relieve itself in a litter box, making things much easier for his owner.

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