Against all the laws of nature, a white boy was born into an African American family

Against all the laws of nature, a white boy was born into an African American family

Francis and Arlette Tsybangu’s family eagerly anticipated the arrival of their child.

But the young mother was truly shocked when the baby was born and she held him in her arms. She was holding a baby who had white complexion and blonde hair.

They already had a son and a girl when Arlette informed her husband that she was expecting. Yet, the spouse was overjoyed to welcome a new child into the family.

Daniel, the third child, was born in Leicester in 2011. (UK). Not only the parents, but even the medical staff, still recall this day.

«The physicians and I were both in shock. They regarded my wife and Myself while remaining silent.

They most likely had a hard time accepting that this youngster was mine.

And I asked God, «Is this my son?» as one of my first thoughts. Then, however, I became more composed, says Daniel’s father.

Francis understood the boy was his when the medics placed him in his arms. The man had no reason to question his wife’s integrity.

It was shocking and confusing just to hold a newborn with blond hair and a white face. He has black parents after all.

The wife’s response was equally unclear.

But, she only recognized the kid was a spitting image of his father when she gazed into the baby’s face and saw that the child had both her lips and her husband’s nose.

«At first, I was concerned Francis might suddenly believe the child was not his.

But when I saw the tenderness with which he held the infant, I understood that he had no qualms; this is his son, Arlette, 25, says.

The pair made the decision to investigate the family’s history and start at the beginning. Their hunt was fruitful.

It was determined that their kid Daniel must have inherited his unique characteristic from a family member.

According to family members, she also gave birth to a blond child from her black husband.

The couple made the decision to give up looking and concentrate on the kids as a result. After all, they were more focused on the children’s wellbeing and health.

They now had a princess and two handsome sons.

Parents are overjoyed to welcome such a unique baby into their household. They see it as a blessing for themselves.

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