An ancient school bus was purchased by a large family and converted into a cozy and welcoming home

An ancient school bus was purchased by a large family and converted into a cozy and welcoming home

Vanlife, or living in a mobile home on wheels, is a recent fad in both Europe and America. It is becoming more and more well-known.

Such a life has evolved into a new living experience for this American family, which may have been the only thing that could have prevented their family from falling apart.4

About four years ago, things in the family started to get heated. The wife of Adam Serra, Jessica Rucha, was forced to raise children practically without leaving the house due to the course of life.

Adam was solely responsible for supporting the family, which placed a heavy load on him. The spouse needed to rest, but there was nowhere for him to do so at home.

The family was on the verge of breaking up when the family’s head began to exhibit signs of weakness and turn to alcohol as a solution to his troubles.

Then he came across a report about a couple who had driven their van through a number of nearby nations. He spoke with his spouse. Life on wheels was a concept that she shared.

Yet bringing it to life proved to be a challenge. So it was also vital to consider children’s comfort.

The pair invested on an old school bus in 2018 to equip life fully and meet everyone’s needs.

And after making extensive and detailed changes by hand, they transformed it into a true mobile home. spacious and cozy.

Thousands of kilometers that have been traveled together as a family are now displayed on the speedometer at home.

The children, Adam, and Jessica were able to see many of the cities in the country that are included in the asset. the most stunning locations in the country.

The Adam family has visited numerous US cities to far, making stops in some of the most picturesque locales.

The kids are now adults, yet they still go to school online. The family was spared from having to relocate to a city. Youngsters mature and pick up a wealth of life experiences.

The couple welcomed a new child, and Adam lost his understanding of what drinking is.

And living in this manner proved to be far more cost-effective. due to the exclusion of several utility and rent payments.

Also, there are no significant costs related to maintaining a permanent abode in one location.

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