Girl with Down syndrome proved to the world that she deserves to be a fashion model

Girl with Down syndrome proved to the world that she deserves to be a fashion model

Online users were delighted by the great resonance that model Kate Grant created in the network.

Every time new faces please us in the fashion and beauty worlds, which have already forgotten about imposing beauty standards.

We must stress our strengths because we are all unique and attractive in our own ways. Model Kate Grant is yet another example of how there are no limits or established patterns.

If someone has a strong desire to become an expert in a certain field of endeavor, only intense pressure and desire are required.

According to Today, there is a lot of discussion about Kate Grant, a 20-year-old with Down syndrome who is the new face of the cosmetics company, on social media.

From the very first video, the creators of the cosmetic company Benefit fell in love with Kate Grant, and they were compelled to make her the face of their company.

«This summer, we unintentionally stumbled across a video of Kate discussing her professional path on Facebook.

We fell in love with her right away! Her amazing energy was contagious, a company official told the press.

Most individuals who watched Kate’s advertising appreciated her beauty and hurried to purchase the same eyeliner.

Keep in mind that Kate has tried her hand at modeling before. In 2018, she participated in Belfast Fashion Week and was featured in a BBC Irish program.

Kate is delighted that she was able to realize her ambition in addition to discovering a fantastic interest and job.

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