Gisele Bündchen poses candidly in nature for a fundraiser to help pay for biodiversity restoration in Brazil: So that all life can thrive

Gisele Bündchen poses candidly in nature for a fundraiser to help pay for biodiversity restoration in Brazil: So that all life can thrive

On Thursday, Gisele Bundchen posted a number of picturesque pictures of herself connecting with nature on Instagram.

The 42-year-old supermodel was pictured in her most recent photo traveling to her native Brazil to take part in more environmental initiatives and show off the mesmerizing sights.

Additionally, the philanthropist can be seen with her two kids, Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, 10, in a few of the pictures in her carousel post posing with creatures and planting plants.

The stunning brunette recently discussed her divorce and admitted she still loves her ex-husband Tom Brady a lot. She looked stunning on the shore.

She also described what she was doing in her comment.

She penned a long caption urging more people to take part in sustainability initiatives to safeguard environment.

Everything has an effect on environment, including planting trees, replenishing depleted soils and springs, and protecting turtles and jaguars.

The strength of nature is found in its variety, and it is essential to its survival, she said.

The celebrity, who resides in Florida, asserted that «every form of life uniquely creates balance on Earth so that all life can flourish.»

We are stronger when we labor together, and just like people, our differences are also our strengths.

The Vogue model continued, «Last year, I began a project called Biomes to help regenerate the biodiversity of Brazil.

‘We chose seven initiatives in various parts of the nation, ranging from the north to the south and the east to the west.

The species that live in each biome play a significant part in nature because everything is interconnected.

«Right now, we are having a dinner with The Luz Alliance Fund and @brazilfound in Miami on Saturday, May 20th to raise more funds to expand our efforts and have a more significant impact.»

The runway legend leaned out of a boat to touch the crystal-clear waters while beaming brightly up at the sky.

The mother of two was seen watching and carefully petting a turtle as it traveled along the shore while dressed in a sports bra and biker shorts.

She also posted a picture of herself assisting a youngster in planting a tree.

There was also a picture of her planting seeds in the ground alongside her children, Benjamin and Vivian, who she has with her former NFL companion.

In the numerous photos of Bundchen planting greenery to help regenerate and support the environment, she shone radiantly.

In a different picture, she posed next to and embraced the roots of a huge, towering tree, flaunting her trim model figure.

She also uploaded a cute photo of herself posing with Brazilian Indigenous people while donning traditional attire and holding hands.

A colorful parrot looked to have landed on her car at one point while she was driving home, so she quickly snapped a photo to capture the moment.

She also provided a before-and-after picture of a tiny area in Brazil that had its biodiversity and wildlife restored as a result of more trees being planted there.

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