In the hospital, baby girls were mixed up, but their mothers came up with a fantastic fix for the issue

In the hospital, baby girls were mixed up, but their mothers came up with a fantastic fix for the issue

Sometimes fiction or movies might be far less engaging and perplexing than real life.

For instance, two Italian girls named Melissa and Katarina experienced an incredible incident when they were young.

They were raised apart from their biological parents until they were three years old because they were mixed up in the maternity hospital.

Accidentally, the employees of the maternity hospital found their error.

When Marinella Alanya, Melissa’s mother, arrived to pick up her daughter from kindergarten, she spotted a girl who looked very like her and her other two kids.

The woman recalled that they gave birth and were released from the hospital on the same day that she spotted Gisella Foder, the mother of an unfamiliar girl.

Marinella started to worry that the nurses might have confused their kids, and she was correct. The woman’s worries were verified by DNA tests.

And both mothers had to take young daughters away from the only families they had ever known, which was a very difficult situation.

But, Marinella and Gisella did not want to subject their girls to such hardship, so they came to an agreement: they decided to raise them jointly, under the same house.

The families started residing in a single large house. The girls’ parents first explained the nurses’ error to them when the girls were eight years old.

The narrative told by their mothers didn’t bother Katarina and Melissa in the least because they got along well with everyone in their large family and with each other.

The only issue Alanya and Fodera ultimately ran into was with document re-registration.

«This experiment was extraordinarily successful; the girls literally had four parents and eight grandparents. They’ve been sisters for a while now.

And their families are linked by genuine affection, according to Mauro Caporiccio, the author of Sisters Forever, a book about Melissa and Katarina.

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