Man decided to give up his job and sell everything he ownes just to travel with his lovely cat

Man decided to give up his job and sell everything he ownes just to travel with his lovely cat

Young Australian Richard East made the decision to leave his career and travel with his adorable kitten.

Meet Willow, the cat Richard adores and who holds a very special place in her owner’s heart. This couple has a very unique bond.

For Dick, Willow is essentially everything. During his trying period, she saved him. They are now best buddies for life.

Richard’s ex-girlfriend adopted this lovely kitty from a Hobart animal shelter. When Willow first met Rich, she fell in love with him even though he wasn’t the owner.

The cat, who at the time was 2-years-old, has been by Richard’s side ever since, especially on difficult days.

Willow was the one who helped Rich get over his breakup with his girlfriend one day.

Richard was happy to acquire this wonderful cat when she refused to take care of it.

Willow was very lovable and affectionate to Richard, and she enjoyed cuddles just like the other cats.

He felt a lifetime obligation to this adopted cat, and he is prepared to do everything in his power to care for her.

Richard had always wanted to travel with Willow, so in order to make this dream come true, he sold everything he possessed, quit his job, and began to do so in his van.

He encountered numerous other explorers with their cats during his travels.

These two have traveled throughout Australia, stopping in both South and Northern Australia, sailing, and setting up camp on lofty mountains.

Willow is also incredibly daring; she enjoys adventuring and being outside. She transformed Rich’s vehicle into a cozy home, with Australia serving as her back yard.

Also, they have an Instagram account with more than 100,000 followers.

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