Retriever with terminal disеase is given sսpport from family to fulfill his life goals

Retriever with terminal disеase is given sսpport from family to fulfill his life goals

The elderly Golden Retriever’s family encourages him to complete his bucket list while he still has cancer.

It was discovered that the dog had testicular cancer, which had spread to the prostate and abdomen.

Due to Theo’s senior age and the grave state of his illness, the doctors declined to conduct the surgery.

A humanitarian group that assists homeless and abandoned animals made the decision to locate the dog’s last sanctuary.

Theo ultimately ended up living at Jenny Leach’s house, a skilled volunteer and mother of three.

The woman saw right away what a unique dog she had.

Theo is usually cheerful, even if he has a serious condition, claims Jenny. We don’t know how he got on the streets, but he obviously enjoys it.

As she observed how her ward delighted in everything new and relished each day, she made the compassionate decision to make his final days the happiest and grant all of the dying dog’s wishes.

Jenny posted about her concept on Facebook in the hopes that someone would want to assist her.

The organization Live Like Roo, which aids families with cancer-diagnosed pets, soon contacted the woman.

They promised to pay for all of the dog’s medical expenses, which were already substantial.

In order to carry out her plan, Jenny was able to secure funding.

Theo personally chose a friend, a blue octopus toy, for the first item on his «wish list» when they went to the toy store.

Jenny wanted to acquire a backup of the toy after realizing that it wouldn’t survive long (the dog kissed and hugged a friend to death). However, she was unable to find anything similar.

She posted about it on Facebook, and the very next day, Theo received a dozen blue octopuses from his fans.

Theo had several experiences over the following few months, including a trip to a farm, a stop at an ice cream shop,

becoming a K-9 police dog, going on a blind date with a German shepherd named Sasha, piloting a tiny plane, and taking part in several photo shoots.

Social media fans who had been following the Labrador’s story started to give his owner new suggestions and their assistance.

As a result, one of the followers gave Theo a trip in a convertible while the other took him for a boat cruise.

Also, a nearby brewery has produced a unique beer called «Theo’s octopus» in honor of the dog’s beloved toy.

Jenny is content and extremely appreciative of the city residents who made it possible for her to carry out the most magnificent plans.

Theo saw and did more with her in a short period of time than he had in his entire previous life.

And even though, according to the volunteer, she observes as the illness gradually kills off her companion, she is still determined to make the dog happy for however long it takes.

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