Via their puppy, a child with aսtism can practice commսnication and emօtional expression

Via their puppy, a child with aսtism can practice commսnication and emօtional expression

Leon Kirby-Bulner, 4, has autism and struggles to articulate his emotions and interact with other people.

The boy’s parents and everyone else were unable to enter his world because he lived there alone.

But when Fern, a Cocker Spaniel puppy, showed up in the house, everything changed.

This dog accomplished the unthinkable by approaching the «difficult» youngster and winning his affection.

Hayley, Leon’s mother, claimed that they fell in love right away.

«My son was isolated in his own little universe and suffered from loneliness until he met Fern. She appeared to awaken him. Hayley says, «I noticed a glint in Leon’s eyes that I hadn’t noticed before.

Over the past three years, the child has been unable to live without his pet.

He discovered how to «communicate» with the dog, even without using words. Fern is really perceptive and feels what the small owner is trying to convey.

Together, these two carry out all tasks.

As Hayley sees her son playing hide-and-seek with the dog and dressing the spaniel in suits to match his outfits, her heart melts.

«Fern is a tremendous assistance to us every day. She is not only a fun playmate, but also his medication.

During his breakdowns brought on by sensory overload, the dog helps him to calm down.

When Leon strikes his head, she even places her body between him and the ground to prevent more injury, according to Hayley.

The mother claims that the arrival of the spaniel has made family life significantly simpler.

Leon was able to open up and acquire confidence thanks to this kind and understanding dog.

The youngster’s parents were persuaded of the benefit of contact with a pet on the condition and development of a boy with autism by their own example.

They are firm believers in the advantages of canistherapy and established a Facebook community to support other parents

of children with autism spectrum disorders by raising money to buy companion dogs for these families.

Naturally, they dedicated it to Fern, their personal rescuer.

And thanks to the proceeds from the sale of the embroidery that Hayley created herself while she was in quarantine,

she was able to purchase a therapy spaniel for a different child who is much like Leon. Soon, this boy will have his own Fern, and hopefully things will turn around for him.

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