Woman at 99 meets her daսghter for the first time after 78 years apart: look at her emotions

Woman at 99 meets her daսghter for the first time after 78 years apart: look at her emotions

For her 98th birthday, Gerda Cole received the nicest and most memorable gift.

She had the good fortune to finally meet her daughter after 80 years.

Such a reunion was not anticipated.

And it’s all because of Stephen, the grandson of Gerda and the son of her daughter Sonya, who persisted.

It comes out that he made the decision to locate his mother’s biological parents during the pandemic in order to settle some citizenship difficulties.

Sonya continued to look for her parents as well, but her efforts were in vain. Gerda’s adoptive parents kept her whereabouts a secret by pretending she had passed away.

Stephen was located after a successful search. He discovered his biological grandmother, who was still alive and residing in a Canadian nursing facility.

Stephen learned that his Jewish grandmother had to leave England for Austria during World War II.

She was unable to look after a child because she was just 18 years old. Thus, she made the decision to place her daughter for adoption.

The only prerequisite for adoption was cutting all links with the child.

Sonya instantly purchased tickets from England to Canada after learning that her mother was still alive in order to make it in time for her 98th birthday celebration.

«I didn’t know my mother was still alive. I was too trusting. I want to ask her a lot of questions, but I don’t want to overwhelm her,» Sonya adds.

After an emotional reunion, the mother and daughter were able to converse. They discovered they actually share a great deal in common.

When Gerda finally got to meet her daughter, she was ecstatic. She thanked Sonya and her grandson Stephen for providing her with this priceless experience.

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