Woman lived 35 years with her husband and had no idea that he was actually a man with a fictitious identity

Woman lived 35 years with her husband and had no idea that he was actually a man with a fictitious identity

Margaret Cooper and Alex Cooper have been married for 35 years after meeting many years ago.

Everything was going smoothly until Mr. Cooper failed to show up for work one day.

The quest was fruitless. Additionally, it was discovered that Alex Cooper was a made-up character when the woman decided to resume using her original surname.

It had been a cover for a whole different individual all these years.

The day after Alex’s automobile went for work, it had already been discovered outside the city. There were no signs of a person around, but the man left everything in the car.

There was fishing gear in the car, and the river was flowing fairly turbulently. Authorities suspended their search after concluding that the man had been carried away by the current.

After a year has gone since the incident, Margaret made the decision to revert to using her old name on the paperwork.

She went to the city archives to file some paperwork, but was shocked to learn that Alex Cooper’s name wasn’t on any records. It’s as though they never existed before.

Margaret’s perception started to become more clear with time.

Unknown individual created documents for a new identity using a false first and last name. He met Margaret using this name, and they were together for 35 years.

In the fall of 1991, a national Canadian channel aired the account of Alex Cooper’s disappearance and the search for his real identity.

A man called the editorial office the following day and claimed to have identified his neighbor.

At the given address, the individual who supposed to be Mr. Cooper was discovered. Albin Arsene Arsenault is the man’s real name.

In 1948, he was charged with robbing a bank; as a result, he fled and created fake documents.

Albin married Margaret while using his new identity, and everything was going smoothly. The time had come to update his driver’s license, though. The truth would have then been made known.

The man then made the decision to vanish again.

Albin eventually visited Margaret, and after some time his wife had forgiven him. This tale is still told by «Alex’s» offspring in countless interviews and television programs today.

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