A brave dog saved the life of a young Quaker parrot, and the two quickly became close friends

A brave dog saved the life of a young Quaker parrot, and the two quickly became close friends

Dogs are caring and friendly creatures, who considered to be man’s best friends and companions. They are very faithful towards their owners and ready to help those in need of help.

These social and gentle souls form a firm and strong bonds not only with their humans but the other animals, as well. Dogs are capable to love and protect.

Meet Hiro, a kind dog, who saved an innocent soul, a helpless baby bird.

One day, when he and his human, Viviana Davila were spending their time in the backyard in Puerto Rico, they noticed something lying on the ground nearby their fence.

Curious Hiro approached to have a close look at the strange object. Then he started to lick the object, meanwhile looking at her face, as if he wanted to say he found something important.

Viviana understood her dog’s hints. She also approached to investigate. She saw a helpless and defenseless baby bird lying on the ground.

The kind woman put the poor creature into a towel and brought it home. So, Hiro rescued the life of this creature, because, if not him, the bird could die or would be a prey for other animals.

It was found out that the baby bird was a beautiful Quaker parrot, who unfortunately was paraplegic, because the poor bird fell off a nest. The harmed bird couldn’t survive in the wild.

Viviana called it Hope, as it was a real fighter. She started to take care of it following the instructions, which she received from the local vet. The kind woman fed the bird regularly, trying to do everything it feels comfortable.

Hiro was next to the bird’s side all the time. Fortunately, Hope got recovered very soon. Hiro and Hope became inseparable friends during the recovery time. The kind dog also tried to help her human to take care of Hope.

Viviana is very proud and happy having such a wonderful dog, who saved the life of the baby parrot.

Hope, the unusual friendship of this duo will last very long.

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