Christina Aguilera showed herself in all her glory in a translucent dress: the singer is proud of her figure

Christina Aguilera showed herself in all her glory in a translucent dress: the singer is proud of her figure

In a transparent outfit, Christina Aguilera revealed her entire beauty; the singer is pleased of her physique.

However, this was not the only factor that catapulted the pop artist into the public eye. Christina did indeed select a fiery dress with transparent accents for the occasion.

When Christina and Matthew attended the ninth annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles,

photos of them were taken that later surfaced online.

Young scientists from throughout the world are recognized with this prize for their contributions to the sciences of mathematics, fundamental physics, and medicine.

It is important to highlight that Aguilera herself is not a scientist. But she gladly attended the gathering as a guest, joining other famous people who had gathered there as well.

The pop diva made a spectacular entrance wearing a transparent black dress, impressing everyone in attendance.

Furthermore, despite the gorgeous shapes she developed following the birth of her children, the star succeeds.

However, some admirers openly admit that they mourn Christina’s prior frail beauty from when she first entered the world charts at the beginning of her career.

However, she asserts that she loves who she is right now and is proud of her figure.

Fans observed that the actress appeared especially thrilled to have her partner sitting next to her.

Despite Christina and Matthew’s over 12-year relationship, they remain deeply in love with one another.

In 2014, nearly 4 years after they first started dating, they got engaged. They gave birth to a daughter named Summer Ryan the same year.

The girl became Aguilera’s second kid and Rattler’s first child.

From her first marriage to Jordan Bratman, the singer also has a son named Max.

However, despite long-standing anticipation from fans, Christina and Matthew are not even in the planning stages of a wedding just yet.

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