A guy in love is ready to become a stool for a girl, if only she feels good

A guy in love is ready to become a stool for a girl, if only she feels good

In a relationship, we expect our partners to support us through our highs and lows.

This Asian couple took it quite literally as seen in a Facebook video posted on What Is New York page. In the 15 seconds video, the loving couple seems to be practicing their public display of affection for each other quite obviously.

The boyfriend, who was wearing a pink hoodie and holding a plastic bag of things in his right hand was seen to literally be supporting his girlfriend as he turned himself into a human chair for her.

He was squatting in the middle of a sidewalk as his girlfriend was seated on him, talking away on the phone. Judging from her serious face expressions, it must have been an important phone call that she needed to attend to right away.

The scene has sparked mixed reactions from netizens. While he was praised for being the sweetest boyfriend, others say that this isn’t what chivalry is supposed to be. Some joked that maybe she was on the phone with her other boyfriend.

A few people mentioned that she is taking advantage of his kindness by using him to her inconsiderate needs. The most important thing that seems to have triggered reactions is the fact that it happened in the middle of a busy sidewalk in New York.

People were passing by, clearly distracted looking at them but the couple was quite unbothered, not realizing that they were actually blocking the way for pedestrians to walk.

The boyfriend not only supported his girlfriend’s weight on him but towards the end of the video, he even gave her kisses on the back. Sadly, the girlfriend didn’t seem to acknowledge it as she was still busy attending to the call.

Watch the full video down below:

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