A young child has become a businessman and gives all the profits to the poor

A young child has become a businessman and gives all the profits to the poor

Summer Linn may only be just 8-years-old but the Texas native is already making huge strides in the world, by stepping up and helping those who often feel left out in the world – foster children.

Choosing to forgo her Thanksgiving holiday – that is usually spent at home – Summer Linn chose instead to set up shop in her local shopping center at Pearland, Texas and began selling cupcakes to help raise much-needed funds.

Summer Linn is making huge strides in the field of philanthropy.
“I wanted to help so I thought about making cupcakes. I get to buy gifts with them for the foster kids.”

Having raised more than $2,000, she sells each box at $5, with the help of her mom, Max Ryder, who was also a foster kid in her youth.

Acknowledging that it may be hard for Santa to reach some of the foster kids, Summer Linn says, “(Santa) He is very busy. And the foster kids get moved a lot.”

“They are special no matter what anyone says or does. Seriously. They deserve a good Christmas. They need a good home.”

Having adopted 13 kids for her Christmas gift run, Summer Linn understands the pain foster children go though and that it is a fact that many families do not understand.

Her mother Max Ryder says, “Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is supposed to be a time with family. This is where foster kids feel unwanted and unloved, because you are a foster kid.”

Let’s hope that more kids like Summer Linn, will take up the mantle and share the happiness and love that all children deserve during the holidays.

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