Abandoned children survive thanks to the responsibility of a younger brother

Abandoned children survive thanks to the responsibility of a younger brother

A boy lives in Colombia, no different from his peers.

At first glance, he seems like an ordinary child, a clean, and tidy schoolboy with sad eyes.

This chubby boy is raising his three brothers after they lost their parents. His name is Juan Pablo, he is eleven years old.

The Colombian schoolboy lived with his mother and three younger brothers.

The children did not know anything about their father, they just lived, hoping for their mother. She raised four children alone.

Once the woman could not stand it, she left home forever.

At first, Juan and his brothers were waiting for their mother, but then the boy realized that she had left them.

And then the guy began to take care of the rest instead of the parent.

Juan’s day began with an early rise. The boy woke up, woke up his brothers, and escorted them to school.

Then he went to his school.

After serving the prescribed lessons, the boy walked the streets, collecting alms.

On days when he didn’t manage to collect anything, Juan searched the garbage cans, looking for any food.

No one knew about the child’s deeds until the neighbors intervened. One day they heard a baby crying that lasted all day.

People called the police, and the authorities who arrived were shocked by the story told by Juan.

But they were even more surprised by the appearance of his brothers. Well-groomed and cleanly dressed, they did not give the impression of miserable beggars.

The police considered it necessary to send the boy’s brothers to an orphanage. Before that, the authorities tried to find their parent, but nothing came of it.

Juan himself was against such a decision by adults, but the police explained to the boy that it would be better for him and his brothers.

A child, even one as responsible as Juan, cannot adequately support underage members of his family.

We want to believe that the brothers will stay together.

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