As Jason fights in coսrt, Olivia Wilde’s monthly earnings and wealth are made public

As Jason fights in coսrt, Olivia Wilde’s monthly earnings and wealth are made public

Don’t Stress The adorable director Olivia Wilde, 39, and her ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis, 47, separated more than two years ago, but their custody dispute for their two children is still ongoing.

On Friday, Olivia won because the judge agreed with her that the lawsuit should be tried in California rather than New York as the Ted Lasso actor had requested.

The brunette beauty’s estimated net worth is $10 million, according to The Daily Mail, which made the revelation throughout Jason’s most recent motion filing.

The Booksmart director reportedly owns $645,187 in her bank account, $3,902,689 in stocks and bonds,

and $6,021,860 in real estate and «other property,» for example. This takes her total wealth to $10,569,736, to be more accurate.

The paperwork listed Olivia’s salary and net worth in addition to her spending habits. Her typical monthly expenses are $107,000,

which includes a $58,000 plus mortgage, about $4,000 in laundry and cleaning costs, and roughly $6,500 in utility costs. The celebrity’s reported monthly salary was $71,667.

According to the same source, Olivia apparently used financial information to prove that Jason is trying to «litigate her into debt.»

Olivia’s lawyers allegedly wrote, «While Jason can afford to spin his wheels with filing after filing, Olivia cannot.»

Additionally, she allegedly accused her ex of being «in bad faith» and being «underhanded» toward their two children, Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jason’s estimated net worth is $25 million.

In the midst of the legal drama, both of the parents were spotted separately in Los Angeles on Friday.

Olivia was stylish and seductive while heading to the gym in a White Lotus-inspired baseball cap, which she paired with her sports bra and leggings.

Jason was a supportive father while on a walk with Daisy that same day. Jason wore a casual, yet trendy loot bag.

Prior to their official breakup in November 2020, Jason and his former starring woman dated for almost ten years. Their relationship started in 2011, and they were engaged two years later.

And even though they were supposed to get married, they instead split up seven years after they were supposed to get married.

During their partnership, they welcomed their two children, and as was already reported, they are still negotiating a fair custody arrangement.

Olivia most recently dated music star Harry Styles, 29, but the couple has since broken up.

Jason and Keeley Hazell, his co-star in the Ted Lasso movie, were linked in 2021, but their relationship ended in May 2022.

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