At nineteen, this girl does not even weigh twelve kilograms. How does this reflect in her life?

At nineteen, this girl does not even weigh twelve kilograms. How does this reflect in her life?

Kenadie was born in Canada on February 13, 2003. But the doctors did not have much hope that the girl would survive. Because her weight at birth was less than a kilogram, and her height was only 28 cm.

Brianna was worried throughout her pregnancy because of her too small belly. But the doctors reassured the woman, because the fetal heartbeat was normal.

Doctors named the girl Thumbelina immediately after birth. Because she was so tiny and with such expressive eyes. And this year, Kenadie is already 19 years old, and she looks just like a tiny person.

Thumbelina continued to live and develop. Only nine months later the diagnosis was made: the rarest genetic anomaly – dwarfism.

In total, about a hundred such cases have been recorded in the world.

Little Jourdain-Bromley was incredibly lucky, her intellect is developing quite normally. She attends school and has been skating and swimming since the age of 12.

Two years later, another child was born in the family. Tyrone’s height and weight are fully consistent with age norms.

The difference between 12-year-old Kenadie and 10-year-old Tyrone is more than noticeable. Moreover, the brother always protects his sister and stands up for her.

Mom cannot imagine life without her Thumbelina and says that the girl is very kind, sympathetic, attentive, hardworking, independent and courageous.

And at the age of 7, Kenadie starred in the family fantasy film Eep! which was released in 2010 in the Netherlands and Belgium.

By the way, the entire film crew was delighted with Kenadie, and director Rita Horst said how well the girl kept on the set, played beautifully and was attentive to the smallest details.

By the age of 12, Kenadie’s height was only 90 cm. And she weighed as much as a two-year-old child. So the girls manage to dress in baby stores.

From birth, parents make it clear to their daughter that she is the same person as others, full-fledged and self-sufficient. In the family, the baby is loved and pampered.

Kenadie has many friends at school. She is an excellent student and is already planning where she will study after graduation next year.

The girl loves to play outdoors, takes part in school events with pleasure.

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