Blake Lively’s inappropriate behavior stunned soccer fans, and she then made a funny remark about one of them

Blake Lively’s inappropriate behavior stunned soccer fans, and she then made a funny remark about one of them

Fans of Wrexham FC were shocked when Blake Lively filmed a cheeky video for a fan’s girlfriend.

On Sunday, the 35-year-old Hollywood actress was out and about at the Racecourse Ground

cheering on her husband Ryan Reynolds’ squad as they played York in the Vanarama National League.

But when she complied with a request to record a shout out, the crowds received more than they had anticipated.

Blake requested her to say hello to his fiancée Steph, who is a great fan of the actress, as a fan recorded him on his phone.

The mother-of-four was pleased to comply and responded, «Hey Stephanie,» adding sarcastically, «You should leave him!»

The crowd let out an audible gasp before bursting into fits of laughing as Blake threw her palm over her mouth and hastily fled.

The fan also found the humor in the situation, tweeting about it with the remark, «Stephs cried happiness and she’s absolutely over the moon.

«Fortunately, we haven’t broken up yet! Once more, many thanks.

They are incredible great, along with Rob. It has transformed the community in an incredible way. forever appreciative

Later, Stephanie tweeted, «Best day ever.»

Even though Stephanie admitted she liked Blake, she wouldn’t be following the actress’ suggestion when she was questioned, «Have you left him yet?» Haha never, quips Stephanie.

You should wed him right away, another follower wrote. I’m waiting on the ring, Stephanie retorted.

Ryan and Blake charmed spectators earlier in the day when they posed for touching family pictures on the field at Wrexham, with a young infant who is thought to be their fourth child.

The Hollywood A-list couple declared their joy at being parents once more in February, but they withheld the name or gender of the newest addition.

As she carried the infant and their first three children James, 8, Betty, 6, and Inez, 3, for the photographs, Blake was all smiles.

Before the group photo, Ryan also lovingly held the infant in his arms.

Ryan’s team went on to defeat rival York City 3-0, earning a crucial three points to maintain their lead in the standings. The kids turned out to be his good luck charm.

In August of last year, Ryan admitted that his wife was not overly pleased when he told her he had bought the Welsh squad alongside Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

During a Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance, he stated: «I remember seeing Blake, saying, «I have awful news and I have extremely bad news.

I entered someone’s DMs once more. The really awful news is that I might have purchased half of a Welsh national fifth-tier football league.


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