Cafeteria worker felt a tap on her shoulder during lunch: she turned to look at what the students had done

Cafeteria worker felt a tap on her shoulder during lunch: she turned to look at what the students had done

At Bishop Manogh High School in Nevada, students just love the lady who works in their cafeteria.

This is a very good-natured and friendly woman who cheers up hundreds of children every day. They also refer to her as “Dining Lady Lynn”.

One day, the students of this school decided to make an unusual gift for their cook.

The reason for such a strange affection lies in the good nature of Lynn. Every day, she is ready to give students a beaming smile and kind words.

In addition, Lynn always refers to children by name. It’s amazing how she manages to remember them all.

She tries to give all children kindness and warmth. And in difficult moments she provides the necessary support.

The purpose of the Human Be Nice project is to inspire students to creatively honor the heroes of society.

When this project came to Bishop-Manog School, the students did not think long about whom they wanted to honor.

According to them, chef Lynn deserved special gratitude. So they decided to come up with something unusual for her.

In conversations with the children, Lynn sometimes mentioned that she would like to go to see her mother, but this is hard to do on the salary of a cafeteria employee.

So the students decided to give Lynn a little surprise.

The students hung posters around the school, but Lynn did not even guess that it was she who caused the celebration.

When it was time to finally reveal all the cards and hand over the prepared gift, a student in a suit approached Lynn and led her to the awards table.

The woman was confused and did not know what to do next.

When the students told her what had happened, she couldn’t contain her emotions. Lynn burst into tears of happiness.

In addition to a simple token of attention, the students also gave the woman a Southwest airline gift card.

The children knew that Lynn had a sick mother, but she could not visit her because of high airfare. The students decide to help Lynn fulfill her long-cherished wish.

And they succeeded.

The woman was touched to the depths of her soul by what a gift the students gave her.

In an interview, she said that she had no idea that the children appreciated her work so much. Lynn is very grateful to each of the students for helping her fulfill her cherished dream.

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