Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez is ‘done’ attempting to save her disastrous marriage to ‘grumpy’ Ben Affleck; she is already preparing for her next move, which includes resuming her tour in 2025.

Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez is ‘done’ attempting to save her disastrous marriage to ‘grumpy’ Ben Affleck; she is already preparing for her next move, which includes resuming her tour in 2025.

An industry insider has recently stated that the pop star has reached her breaking point and no longer believes that there is anything «more» she can do to salvage the marriage, amid ferocious speculations over the couple’s marital situation.

«Jenny is at her breaking point. She’s tried everything, but there’s nothing more she can do, and things are only getting worse.» a source in the music industry

The insider continues, «J.Lo, 54, left her 51-year-old spouse mostly because he was consistently ‘grumpy and nasty’ a la Sesame Street’s Oscar The Grouch.

They continued, saying that although Jennifer is sorry to be leaving her marriage, she «is trying to make the best of it by working out, spending time with her twins Max and Emme, and making new plans for 2025.»

Resuming her This Is Me… Live tour for her 56th birthday in the summer of 2025 is one of those new plans. The 2024 tour was supposed to begin in July, but she canceled it to «recollect herself.»

When things in her personal life are more stable and she has more time to spend with her fans, she is thrilled to embark on a tour the following year. The source stated, «She will make the most of it and bring her tribe with her.»

Additionally, Lopez is reported to be «shocked» by the negative attention she has been receiving, which she feels is unfair.

The insider claimed that «people would be easier on her» if they could see what she has truly endured.

Although Ben is a lovely man, he can be pessimistic and unpleasant. I believe that his lack of smile in pictures from events like last year’s Grammy Awards was visible to the globe. «They wouldn’t attack her if they realized the truth,» Jennifer’s pal stated.

He frequently appears agitated and engages in chain smoking and profanity. Excellent performer and director, but not much laughter with him, you know?’ the insider remarked. But he is a fantastic father.

Lopez intends to continue.

She truly isn’t used to receiving criticism of this nature, but she will move past it. The friend answered, «She will march on.»

«Jennifer is a strong and intelligent woman who always bounces back!»

She has been depending on her close friends these days.

One is Beezy, also known as stylist Shawn Barton. Stevie Mackey, a vocal coach, is another.

There have been many reports that Ben and Jennifer will announce their divorce soon and plan to do it on a Friday, which is the norm among celebrities who are splitting.

When the source was asked about this they offered, ‘I think they have wanted to wait until all the kids are out of school and done with school plans and all that before they make their big announcement. They are putting the kids first.’

Her ex-husband Marc Anthony is the parent of Max and Emme.

And Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner gave him Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

Regarding the current state of Jennifer and Ben’s relationship, the insider stated that it is «cordial.»

But what happened to the happy-go-lucky Ben who would publicly make out with Jennifer and smile at fans?

The insider mentions Ben’s career pressure.

«He is currently filming Accounting 2, which involves really long hours. He is putting in a lot of work, but juggling it with a marriage and kids is difficult,» the person added. ‘So he’s not always in the best of moods.’

She is well-deserved to be respected.

Composer Andrew Lockington of Atlas expressed his amazement at Lopez’s inventiveness and diligence this week.

He continued, «She was not only the main actress in the movie, but she was also a producer and director during post-production.»

He added that she was working on the music and in the edit room. She went to the screenings as well to find out what people thought.

He added that despite «all the rumors» circulating about her personal life, he is still in awe of how hardworking she is: «It is unfathomable to contemplate what it would be like to live under such intense scrutiny.»

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