For the riskiest outfit, Gaga deserves an Oscar. the performer stunned those present during the ceremony

For the riskiest outfit, Gaga deserves an Oscar. the performer stunned those present during the ceremony

had a triumphant evening at the Oscars event, which took place in the wee hours of the morning in Los Angeles. She did not, however, win the coveted golden statuette.

Many event attendees and the singer’s supporters agreed that, if such a category existed, she should have won for the riskiest dress.

The singer’s very presence at the wedding was a huge surprise. While she is now filming the Joker sequel,

it had been formally revealed just a few days prior that she would be unable to attend the Academy Awards ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium.

Gaga nevertheless managed to secure a flight to Los Angeles. Also, she performed a song for the movie «Top Gun: Maverick,» for which she received an Oscar nomination.

Yet the reward was not given to

Her attire startled the audience. Although quite frank from behind, the vocalist appears elegant when viewed from the front.

Versace’s translucent black dress featured a big satin skirt.

The singer then succeeded in reviving conversation about herself while strolling along the red carpet in the following few minutes.

She caught the attention of one of the photographers who was mesmerized by her attire. He became distracted while trying to capture as many photos as he could, which caused him to trip and fall.

Then Gaga rushed over to aid him in getting up. She then comforted the humiliated photographer.

There was more to it, though.

The artist approached the stage at the ceremony to perform the song for which she was nominated. Once more, the audience gasped.

Many anticipated that she would show up wearing the same dress that left everyone speechless.

Or she would morph into another, possibly even more amazing one. Yet Lady Gaga shocked everyone by switching to the most basic dress.

She entered the stage wearing a black t-shirt and knee-ripped black jeans. Without any jewelry, not even a shred of makeup!

Hence, even if the singer did not win, her performance at the Oscars will probably be remembered for a very long time.

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