He defies gender stereotypes by proudly wearing skirts and heels

He defies gender stereotypes by proudly wearing skirts and heels

Mark Bryan, a 63-year-old married father of three, is defying gender norms with his wardrobe choices, and his fans are enamored with it.

Bryan, an American living in Germany, rose to fame on Instagram by sharing daily outfit of the day (OOTD) pictures. His distinguishing look? From the waist up, traditional men’s clothing; from the waist down, stylish skirts and high heels.

Bryan defies conventional fashion conventions by using his distinct style to cast doubt on the notion that apparel should be gender-specific.

His 609,000 Instagram followers may learn more about him via his bio, which reads, «Straight, cis male, Porsche fan, loves wearing skirts & heels daily!»

The robotics engineer even wears this distinctive sense of style at home, at work, and on the town.

«I wear this outfit because I am able to. merely to stand out. I’ve always looked up to women who dress in heels and tight skirts. The power they possessed, not sexually, Bryan told Bored Panda.

«I don’t think garments have genders. I like skirts more than dresses. I can’t mix the genders with dresses.»

The fashion legend, who is also an American football coach, explained why he is drawn to skirts and heels, saying, «It’s all the fashion options.

» There are only a few color options available for men’s pants: brown, black, gray, and navy. Prints are not allowed. You can use hues like red, green, and brighter blues, as well as floral and animal motifs, with skirts. The same is true of shoes.»

Bryan is trying to completely de-sexualize clothing, despite the fact that some people might incorrectly associate his fashion choices with his sexual orientation. «It’s just clothes; I feel the same as ever. Naturally, the bodily sensation changes on a chilly or windy day.

I feel taller and more powerful when I wear heels, for some reason,» he remarked, highlighting how his wardrobe has really increased his confidence in managing challenges at work and in daily life.
And what is the opinion of his family? Everyone is on board. His daughter is a little jealous of his collection of designer shoes, and his wife frequently makes style recommendations.

Bryan says that his favorite shoe is a «five-inch stiletto,» but he acknowledges that it can be difficult to walk on sidewalks with wide gaps or cobblestone streets.

Additionally, he disclosed that in order to stick to his style of combining aspects of both male and feminine attire in one ensemble, he prefers skirts over dresses.

Bryan discussed the influence he has had on others in an interview with PurpleHaze: «It became more clear that the work I was doing on Instagram was assisting a great number of people who wanted to wear apparel that didn’t adhere to gender stereotypes but were scared to have their sexuality questioned.

«I receive more than 100 direct messages every day on my Instagram account, and many of them are from fans who admire me for having the guts to wear anything in public despite what people might think. But some people still experience this terror.

De-sexualizing clothing is one of my aims since this needs to change. However, I’m also promoting the idea that everyone should feel free to dress however they like, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.»

Mark Bryan is more than just a father of three, a robotics engineer, or a football coach in a world where gender conventions are being questioned; he’s a fashion icon that proves it’s perfectly acceptable to be yourself at all, regardless of what you’re wearing.

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