Jennifer Connelly flaunted her ideal form in a provocative swimwеar

Jennifer Connelly flaunted her ideal form in a provocative swimwеar

The actress from A Beautiful Mind and her husband Paul Bettany are now on vacation in Capri.

Jennifer Connelly, 52, flaunted her toned body in a black bikini. Alongside her spouse Paul Bettany,

the star of the television show «Snowpiercer» and the movie «Requiem for a Dream» is presently unwinding on a yacht off the coast of Capri.

The actress, lounging on a sun lounger and enjoying the waves, looked quite young. The Avengers star Paul Bettany, her spouse, also joined her.

Paul and Jennifer were joined in marriage 20 years ago. In a low-key family ceremony, they were married in Scotland.

Two children, Stellan, 19, and Agnes, 14, belong to the marriage. Along with photographer David Dugan, Jennifer Connelly’s ex-boyfriend, she has a 26-year-old son named Kai.

However, it seems that the couple chose to unwind without having kids.

There was a love tale that preceded Jennifer and Paul’s marriage. In an interview, Bettan stated that after seeing Connelly in the movie «Once Upon a Time in America,» he instantly fell in love.

Even though they were still in their teens, Paul promised to wed her. Jennifer featured in the fairytale film «Labyrinth» with David Bowie as her partner, after her debut in this role.

Compared to Connelly, Paul started his career a few years later. An episode of the well-liked television series «Purely English Murder» featured him in his debut role.

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