Kate opens up about how her heiress helped her play the part of a mother

Kate opens up about how her heiress helped her play the part of a mother

Kate Winslet has revealed her daughter Mia Threapleton gave her acting tips as they were filming TV family drama I Am Ruth.

The actress, 47, is starring on the Channel 4 show with her real-life daughter Mia, 22, and has been promoting it ahead of its release later this month.

Kate portrays concerned mum Ruth, who tries to help her teenage daughter Freya (Mia) overcome a mental health crisis after becoming consumed by the pressures of social media.

Kate said working with Mia was ‘extraordinary’ and that she was ‘blown away’ by her performance.

She explained that rather than her giving tips to Mia, her daughter was the one directing her during shooting.

Speaking to Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Kate said: »It was extraordinary, and she would have days where she’d say «I can’t think of anything, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what I’m going to do.»

‘And I would say don’t worry I can’t think of anything I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

‘It just meant that we held hands much more. I was just so blown away by her. She didn’t need my help at all.

‘Sometimes I could show a technical trick, that I’d picked up on the way. Little things no one teaches you, and she appreciated that stuff, but when it came to the acting she’d go I got it, I’m good.’

She went on: ‘Sometimes she would say to me things like when you come in and do that bit can you… and I’d go okay!

‘It was brilliant and we had the added bonus of knowing how to push each other’s buttons, which I can tell you we can do quite well and definitely lent on that resource considerably when we were filming.’

It comes after Kate appeared on Lorraine on Thursday, where she said Mia didn’t need her advice and would even tell her to ‘shut up’.

The proud mother gushed that her daughter has a ‘power’ that she herself never had as a young actress as she spoke about the experience of working with Mia.

She explained: ‘As far as performance, she didn’t need me at all. There are even moments where she’d look at me and go, ‘Shut up Mum, let me do it!’

‘It was really amazing working alongside her and actually being blown away by her courage… she’s very, Very powerful.

‘I think this young generation of actors, I have to say there is a naturalism to their acting and they’re just braver,’ she added.

‘They have a voice, they speak up for themselves and they have a power that I feel I never really had.’

‘I am very very proud of [Mia], very proud of her indeed.’

The Mare of Easttown star also admitted there was ‘some overlap’ between her real-life role as Mia’s mother, and starring as her on-screen parent in the drama.

‘Naturally there was going to be some degree of overlap. We just wanted to make something that would hopefully resonate with people,’ she said.

She went on to speak about her own experiences parenting and admitted that it can be ‘very hard’ to step away and let children make their own choices.

‘It’s very, very hard to just trust that they know how to take care of themselves these days and how to care for them… just simply what to say,’ she said.

‘Sometimes you just have to leave them to it and step away, and as a parent it’s very hard.’

I Am Ruth is an instalment of the Bafta-nominated and female-led drama anthology series I Am, created by filmmaker Dominic Savage.

The fictional storyline for the two-hour programme, which looks at the mental health crisis affecting young people in the UK, was developed and co-authored by Winslet and Savage

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