Katie Price sparks backlash as she’s mum-shamed for swearing too much

Katie Price sparks backlash as she’s mum-shamed for swearing too much

Katie Price has been slammed by listeners of her podcast due to the amount of bad language.

The 45-year-old former glamour model welcomed actress Daisy May Cooper onto The Katie Price Show recently but fans were not impressed with the swearing.

She kicked off the interview by telling Daisy that she would use as much foul language as she wanted.

Discussing the episode, one person penned: “KP really doesn’t care her kids hear all that fowl language does she?” Another added: “Really needed all the bad language what a shame.”

A third person agreed: «“How common all the swearing and people are tuning in to listen to this.»

Someone else moaned: «No need for the foul language. And before anyone comments, I’m not a wokester or easily offended, i just think its not nice to swear like that imo.»

Katie and Daisy also spent the podcast vaping, which has sparked backlash from angry listeners in the past.

Speaking to Daisy on her podcast with sister Sophie Price, Katie discussed all things paranormal activity and revealed how she has videos of ghosts in her house.

Daisy then chimed in and joked: «Are they fit?» Katie replied: “You don’t see them but they look like they’re from the old days. If I have sex, sometimes I feel like they are watching because that’s how fking haunted it is.»

Later on, reality star Kate put forward the idea of getting an exorcist to come to her Mucky Mansion to get rid of the ghosts.

But Sophie had other plans. She said: «Do you know what I’ve got an idea. if not exorcist will come and do your house, why don’t you and I train up to become exorcist ourselves.»

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