Khloe Kardashian considering joining adult site as she takes rаcy snaps of feet

Khloe Kardashian considering joining adult site as she takes rаcy snaps of feet

Khloe Kardashian has admitted that she’s considered setting up her own adult content sharing account so that she can share pictures of her feet.

In a recent episode of The Kardashians, Khloe said: “I really think I should do an [adult website] for my feet. I feel like it could be really lucrative. You want me to paint my toenails a special colour? You got it.

You want me to put on pantyhose — people still wear that — slowly? Sure. Take off a sock? Woo hoo! Put my foot in some Jell-o? I don’t know.”

Khloe signed off with: “Ooh, mud? Sand between my toes. I can keep going but I think you get the drift of my account,” before cheekily telling her fans to “swipe up” for a link to the hypothetical page.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Kardashian sister reflected on the rest of the season and said that the “greatest thing she learned” was that “nothing can break her or her spirit”.

Khloe said that people “can try” but she “won’t let them” and is “really proud of where she got to with Tristan”.

The mother-of-two then said that she would “do anything for her kids” and went on to discuss her other triumphs.

At the time of filming, she’d opened the first ever store for her brand Good American and the reality star told the camera she “is proud of herself” as “it has been tough”.

She said: “I really did not think that this day was gonna come.

There’s been many delays, but we’re here now, it’s opened and it looks beautiful and the employees look fantastic. Everyone is just killing it, they’re doing a great job.”

In an interview while at the store, the founder said that the brand “definitely take people’s commentary to heart” and they held focus groups which launched the idea of Size 15,

a size in between 14 and 16, “because we heard that there was a real need for that”.

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