Kid thinks he and his friend are twins, but when his mother sees the picture, she is shocked

Kid thinks he and his friend are twins, but when his mother sees the picture, she is shocked

Twelve years into her marriage, Britney Tankersley of Foley is raising three kids with her husband.

The Day of Twins was a holiday that was arranged for the school at the end of October.

The kids were instructed to pair up with a peer who resembled them and show up to class one day wearing identical (or strikingly similar) clothing.

We prepared their clothing a week in advance because my kid had a twin at school. At the school, Miles is in kindergarten.

Also, I was unaware that they were organizing a Day of Twins, and I am unfamiliar with the parents of his classmates, she informed the media.

The day prior, Miles informed her of the planned fun.

He stood up and exclaimed, «Oh! Tanner agreed when I asked him if he wanted to be my twin tomorrow. Then I thought… Tanner, who is he? I’ve never met his mother. What is his size?

The woman called Miles’ instructor right away, who gave her Tanner’s mother’s name and contact information. Britney got in touch with her to learn the boy’s size.

She managed to get to Walmart and bought her son two matching flannel shirts. Tanner’s appearance was never disclosed to the woman.

However, Miles clarified that his companion was a carbon clone of him, having the same brown eyes and hair as he did.

The following day, Miles changed into a new shirt and packed the second copy in his rucksack.

After dropping off her kid at kindergarten, the mom asked the teacher to send her a picture of Miles and Tanner before she left for work.

Britney was stunned when she saw the photo and came close to crying. Then she made the decision to post a message on Facebook with a picture of the twins attached.

Miles was telling me last night that he and another guy in his class would be a pair for Twin Day because they are physically identical—they have the same eyes and hair.

He was certain that they were the same. I put the kids to bed and went to Walmart to get the proper attire.

The instructor sent me this picture today. Just now, my heart melted. These are undoubtedly two very different kids, but Miles is blind to this fact.

Can you envision how much better the world would be if everyone had their five-year-old perspective? She posted a message.

The difference in skin tone between Miles and Tanner simply wasn’t significant enough for Miles to consider it a deciding factor.

Many on Facebook were moved by this way of looking at things because, in an ideal world free of xenophobia, this is precisely how things ought to have been.

During several days, more than 260 000 people shared and nearly 500 000 people liked Britney’s message.

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