Kylie Jenner joins her single sisters for a bikiոi photoshoot

Kylie Jenner joins her single sisters for a bikiոi photoshoot

Kylie Jenner may have been taking some smoldering thirst trap photos on her family vacation to Cabo San Lucas for her boyfriend, actor Timothee Chalamet.

The episode begins with almost the entire family taking a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, which was filmed in late March 2023, just two months after Jenner, 26 and Chalamet, 27, first met in January 2023 at Paris Fashion Week.

While the Dune actor is mentioned or even referenced in the episode, Jenner is seen taking several thirst trap snaps with her sisters, which were taken just weeks after they were first reported as a couple in early April.

The thirst trap photo conversation first started at dinner the night before, where Khloe tells her sisters, ‘I need people to know that I’m single,’ while Kris adds, ‘I think you need a great photo.’

Kim adds, ‘You know what we need for that? We need a bikini pic tomorrow. We’ll look so hot and we’ll just say, “Tell us you’re single without telling us you’re single.»‘

Kendall says she loves it, adding at the dinner, ‘Who needs a boyfriend when you have sisters?’

The next morning, all of the sisters were taking bikini snaps by the pool, with Kylie, Kim and Kendall all wearing practically identical black bikinis while Khloe opted for a black one-piece.

‘We always love going on family trips. We love being together, we love just being silly. We’re doing nothing, but it’s so much fun. So we wanna take a couple thirst trap photos, just why not?’ Khloe says in confession.

Kim and Kylie are both wearing very similar (if not identical) black string bikinis as the photographer says, ‘You guys look like twins.’

Kendall comes running down in another black bikini, while Kylie says in confession with Kendall, ‘These are our years, Kendall. I’m 25, you’re like 30,’ which offends Kendall.

‘Kylie, that is so rude. I’m 27. I have two more good years in me,’ Kendall says, as Kylie adds, ‘You’re basically 30, so when I turn 27 you can call me 30 too… but you’ll be 40 by that time.’

All four of the sisters pose on the stone steps, with Kim, Kendall and Kylie in black bikinis and Khloe in a black one-piece, while Kendall won’t let it go, adding, ‘I’m literally 22 months older than you.’

Just weeks after the trip, DeuxMoi branded them a ‘new couple’ before new photos revealed Jenner’s black Range Rover parked outside of Chalamet’s Beverly Hills home in mid-April.

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