Look at this young couple now—they lost nearly 99 kg in just one year

Look at this young couple now—they lost nearly 99 kg in just one year

For Stephanie and Brandon, love has become a reason to think about health.

Both were overweight. For the time being, they accepted it. Nothing prevented them from establishing a personal life, they loved each other deeply.

It seemed that nothing could come between them until Brandon was given an unpleasant diagnosis. Sleep apnea, which meant that during the night’s rest he could suffocate.

And the reason for this was the extra pounds.

They got scared. While still very young, the lovers had the risk of not living happily ever after. It was already difficult for them to lead an active lifestyle. And they wanted to have children.

Then a struggle began that lasted a year. In twelve months, the girl got rid of 53 kilograms, her partner – from 36.

Stephanie still has pleasant roundness, she still sparkles as before, but now she can allow a full life.

They did not torture themselves with diets in order to achieve the ideal. The couple decided to go to the goal slowly, so as not to bring themselves to stress.

Their menu was, as before, rich, but the number of servings was revised.

Regularity was the basis of change. Not a couple of weeks of special nutrition, but the right way of life for many years.

Of course, there was a forbidden list of products, but they found a way to compensate for this.

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