Lopez and Affleck enjoy a romantic moment on the couch while buying furniture with a love nest

Lopez and Affleck enjoy a romantic moment on the couch while buying furniture with a love nest

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoyed a romantic moment this weekend while shopping for their new love nest.

Six months after they snaffled up the sprawling $60 million mansion in Beverly Hills, the duo were glimpsed this weekend swinging by a furniture store.

While wandering around among the shop’s various offerings, they at one point sat down on a sofa, possibly testing it for comfort.

Their setting was naturally conducive to an amorous moment, and the Hollywood hot couple evidently took advantage of their circumstances.

‘Bennifer,’ as they are known to their fans, gazed affectionately into each other’s eyes while cuddling close together on the couch.

Their picturesque setting needed only a roaring fireplace and a lush hearth rug to complete the tableau of wedded bliss.

J-Lo exuded autumnal chic on her latest shopping trip, buttoning an earth-toned check blazer over a pale blue turtleneck.

Sweeping her caramel-toned hair up into a high bun, she accessorized with a large pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses and a glistening set of earrings.

The Jenny From The Block songstress balanced expertly on a towering pair of black stiletto boots and slung on a bulging cross-body bag.

Ben meanwhile bundled up in a massive anorak over a knit cardigan as he ran his errands that day — and grabbed a moment for a smoke break.

It emerged in May that the couple had finally found a house to call home in swanky Beverly Hills after nearly a year of searching.

The married couple handed over $60.85 million in cash for the magnificent 46,000 square-foot mansion, according to TMZ.

The deal took just one week and the pair paid nearly $15 million under the $75 million asking price.

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