Meet a boy with a unique appearance: he has some of the longest eyelashes in the world

Meet a boy with a unique appearance: he has some of the longest eyelashes in the world

Muin Bachonaev, a 13-year-old kid from Russia, had his eyelashes measured at 4.5 cm when they were added to the Book of Records.

He was known for having the longest eyelashes in the nation. But, the student’s parents affirm that they have grown even longer since that time.

The Bachonaev family immigrated abroad. In 2010, they relocated from their home Tajikistan to Russia (Moscow). The Bachonaevs have four kids in total.

Yet, Muin is undoubtedly the most peculiar of the group. He certainly has peculiar eyelashes, which his entire family has been aware of since infancy.

Muin is a completely typical individual. He claims that he is a child like all others. He is accustomed to eyelashes and does not find them bothersome.

For many people, Bachonaev’s appearance truly is a revelation. But he makes an effort to ignore such things.

Muin loves football and aspires to play professionally, just like the millions of his peers throughout the world.

When Bachonaev was born, worried medical professionals advised having him examined to determine how dangerous such an appearance would be.

Yet everything worked out as expected, and the man is in perfect health.

The same is true for eyelashes, which are just a cute genetic trait and provide no threat.

On the recommendation of the doctors, Bachonaev’s parents did not trim their eyelashes; instead, they encouraged them to grow longer.

Muin is now known as the Russian with the longest eyelashes as a result of this. For his parents, though, this is not good enough; they want to set a new world record.

One American man’s eyelashes had already grown to 6 cm in length! Muin’s hair is growing quite quickly, and his father is certain that he will soon be able to break this record.

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