Megan Fox admits she sometimes feels overwhelmed by the need to look ոaked on the red carpet

Megan Fox admits she sometimes feels overwhelmed by the need to look ոaked on the red carpet

Megan Fox, 37, looks incredible no matter what she wears…or doesn’t wear. And in a new interview, the stunning actress admitted to sometimes feeling overcome by the need to look “naked” in the sexy,

sheer outfits she’s been known to wear on the red carpet. It’s all about how she feels, she says.

“I’m just experimenting now with being in really oversize pieces or being in things that are just not as necessarily revealing,” the brunette bombshell told WWD for an interview published on November 29.

“But then there’s a part of me that’s like, ‘no, I need to be naked this day.’ I don’t have one consistent style. It really does depend on just what I’m feeling in the moment.”

The Pretty Boys Are Poisonous author explained elsewhere in the interview that she’s had a “weird” relationship with fashion.

“I’ve had a weird relationship with fashion because for so long I was rejecting being famous and rejecting whatever this image was that was sort of hung on me, this person I was supposed to be,” she explained to the outlet.

“And so for a long time, I ran from fashion and lived in nothing but sweatpants or workout clothes and never wanted to express myself.

My expression was blocked in that way for a long time.” However, she’s found a way by which her sense of style can reflect the varying “phases” of her life.

“And then more recently, I rediscovered it, and especially right now, I’m going through all these different phases of like,

‘what do I like and what can I wear that expresses how I’m feeling or what do I want or what I want to say in this moment?’” she continued. “I’m learning to use fashion in a way that reflects who I am now.

But for a long time I didn’t utilize it because I was really suffering with that existential question of, ‘well, who am I?’”

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