Megan Fox had a devastating ectopic pregnancy several years before her miscarriage

Megan Fox had a devastating ectopic pregnancy several years before her miscarriage

Megan Fox has revealed that she once suffered an ectopic pregnancy, which came years before her miscarriage with Machine Gun Kelly.

The 37-year-old told WWD that she’d “had an ectopic pregnancy when she was younger” and hinted that she “had other things” that she wouldn’t reveal because “God forbid the world would be in uproar”.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg is implanted and proceeds to grow outside the main area of the uterus. This is the leading cause of death in pregnant people within the first trimester.

She also addressed her miscarriage with rapper Machine Gun Kelly: “That love element really made this miscarriage really tragic for me and left me with a lot of grief and a lot of suffering. So, I put it into a lot of writing.”

Fox said that MGK, real name Colson Baker, has “written about it in his albums” and “wrote a couple of songs about the miscarriage”.

Due to this, Megan “felt like it was something that could be addressed publicly” as the situation has “already been addressed in one way through him”.

The Transformers actress said that she “has a space to express as well,” which came in the form of her new poetry book Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.

In one extract, Fox wrote about having an ultrasound of a baby girl at 10 weeks and one day.

Megan wrote: “I want to hold your hand, hear your laugh, but now I have to say goodbye. I close my eyes and imagine holding you tight against my chest as they rip you from my insides.”

Elsewhere in her book, Fox said: “I will pay any price. Tell me please, what is the ransom for her soul?”

The actress addressed the poetry book during an interview with Good Morning America and admitted that she’d “never been through anything like that before”.

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