Mia Goth looks stunning as she makes her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mia Goth looks stunning as she makes her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live

As she was seen coming at Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Hollywood on Monday, Mia Goth raised eyebrows.

The thirty-year-old actress made a special guest appearance on the program to talk about her role in Ti West’s horror slasher MaXXXine as former porn queen Maxine Minx.

Mia wore a tight leather minidress with a corseted bust, showcasing her thin body. She looked amazing.

Wearing a tiny black leather handbag with a gold chain strap, she carried her basics and added inches to her frame with a pair of shining black leather court heels.

With her hair styled in loose, voluminous waves, Mia added a pair of black oval sunglasses to complete the ensemble.

MaXXXine appears to be one of the most anticipated summertime flicks.

After months of anticipation, the slasher with an 80s vibe debuted this past weekend, and some viewers were frightened by one very graphic scene.

In the first scene of the movie, Maxine Minx, played by Mia Goth, uses a horrifying technique to defeat an assailant.

A street performer brandishing a knife leads Maxine down a dim alleyway at the start of the story.

When Maxine realizes she’s been surrounded and is in danger, she takes her purse’s revolver out and tells her attacker to undress.

After forcing him to lie face down on the ground with his legs apart, she uses her stiletto to deliver a forceful hit to his privates.

Reactions to the jaw-dropping sequence have been all over social media. One fan wrote on X, «There’s a scene early in #Maxxxine that made EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the theater make some kind of shocked noise lol.»

They also said, «It’s f***ing crazy,» «MaXXXine features a brutal alley scene that could eclipse Maxine running over Pearl’s head,» «My dad winced in pain when he saw the alley scene in MaXXXine,» and «This scene is insane—it made our theater gasp last night.»

Another person said, «I really hated this movie, but my theater gasped at this scene like nothing I’ve ever seen.»

With $6.7 million in revenue, MaXXXine debuted in fourth place at the box office over the weekend.

Recent ‘unhinged’ behind-the-scenes photos of Lily Collins revealed her amazing makeover for her horrific role in the movie.

Lily, 35, looked bloodied and dismembered in the photos, and the actress wrote, «Spoiler alert! «as the description for her Instagram picture. I can now release this insane BTS from @maxxxinemovie at last.

«So much fun working with the incomparable #MiaGoth and the genius that is #TiWest, alongside an insanely talented cast and crew,» she continued.

«Being a part of this completely insane ride and included in such a wild trilogy makes me feel incredibly lucky.» See it in theaters right now; run, don’t walk.

In MaXXXine, Lily portrays Molly Bennett, an actress who lands the lead role in the movie The Puritan II, which stars Mia’s character Maxine Minx.

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