Olivia wowed everyone in a black dress and boots at an important event. she managed to stand out among other stars

Olivia wowed everyone in a black dress and boots at an important event. she managed to stand out among other stars

On Tuesday in Los Angeles, Olivia Wilde attended the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards, where she displayed her sophisticated elegance.

The 39-year-old House star radiated poise in a classic black gown with a high collar, flowing skirt, and stylish bell sleeves.

The actress, who just a few days ago posted sultry swimsuit photos to her Instagram, boosted the height of the ensemble with a pair of incredibly tall black platform boots.

A couple of Wilde’s brunette hair strands framed her front face as she wore her hair up in a chic updo.

In a humorous post honoring her birthday, which was a little over a week ago, the mom-of-two earlier in the day made playful fun of the «tramp stamp» dragon tattoo on her behind.

The performer, whose real name is Olivia Jane Cockburn, wore eye makeup that was remarkable, with black undereye liner emphasizing her captivating blue eyes.

‘Discovering, supporting, and fostering young creative talent with the purpose of helping them turn their label into a thriving worldwide brand,’

is the mission of the non-profit organization Fashion Trust U.S.

It was introduced in January and invites aspiring designers to submit an application for the chance to get «financial grants and mentorships covering budget,

strategy, digital, merchandising, and general business support.»

Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum, and Alessandra Ambrosio were among the other celebrities present at the event.

She was photographed posing with designer Elena Velez while she was at the event.

Wilde also uploaded a stylish black-and-white video to Instagram to showcase a closer look at her stunning makeup.

In a different post, she talked about being «inspired by all these amazing new designers» and thanked stylist Karla Welch for the invitation.

Olivia, who divorced singer Harry Styles in November, also shared a tattoo of a dragon on her backside when she was 13 years old on Instagram on Tuesday before going to the event.

«39 and feeling fine,» she wrote. Gratitude for the birthday greeting. It was fantastic, but I milked it for much too long.

A toast to whatever comes next. Not another tramp stamp, but you never know. #howdareshe #thehorror #shameless

She was photographed next as she posed from behind close to a friend wearing a swimsuit while wearing a white thong bikini.

She previously talked on the Craig Ferguson show about the ink. She admitted to the presenter that she had gotten a tattoo of a dragon when she was 13 years old.

The question «Who would tattoo a 13-year-old girl?» Ferguson questioned her then.

She joked that although while it had «a lot of meaning at the time,» she thought it was «hideous» now in response to his offer of a cat tattoo if he had more money.

Where is it, he enquired.

She responded, «It’s on my lower, lower, lower back,» and added, «It’s not a tramp stamp.» But the host interjected, «Yes it is!»

She recently posted several gorgeous photos of herself riding a bike, and she and her friend Molly Howard appeared to be having a great time on a weekend getaway in the sun.

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