Rita Ora wows fans as she slips into backless gown and metal spine prosthetics

Rita Ora wows fans as she slips into backless gown and metal spine prosthetics

Rita Ora stunned onlookers as she hit the red carpet wearing an eye-popping dinosaur-like spine that looked as if it was bursting through her skin.

The Finish Line is no stranger to commanding attention when she’s out and about. And she pulled out all the stops for the British Fashion Awards, making sure all eyes were on her as she showed off the bizarre chrome spikes on her back.

From the front, Rita was her usual glam self in a long black dress that clung to her curves and perfectly displayed her slender frame.

The back told a different story, with the star’s prosthetic backbone serving up a jaw-dropping reptilian vibe.

Rita’s slinky dress was backless to perfectly display the chrome spikes, which had been applied in rows and looked as if they were growing from under her skin.

Her hair was swept up off her neck so that it didn’t mar anyone’s view of her odd accessory.

Several of Rita’s tattoos could be seen and she added an array of chunky silver jewellery to her show-stopping look. Her makeup was as glam as ever,

with berry-coloured lipstick and smoky shadow that made her eyes pop as she posed for snaps with her director husband Taika Waititi.

The star gave fans on Instagram a peek at her getting ready process before the show, explaining that she decided to do the spine after she «made some noise» last year by wearing prosthetic scales on her face.

She said the chrome spikes would take between two and three hours to apply.

Fans were blown away by the striking look, posting messages on Instagram calling Rita a «queen» and saying that she was «iconic». «Nailed it once again,» exclaimed one admirer, as another said she looked «unreal».

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