The boy looks like a grown man, but in fact he still goes to kindergarten

The boy looks like a grown man, but in fact he still goes to kindergarten

Excess weight, at times, can be a much more serious problem than just a feature of appearance.

In fact, too many excess pounds seriously threaten the health and even life.

However, in the case of the boy we want to tell you about, even the doctors are unable to help.

Misael Caldoño Abreu was born in Brazil.

From birth, the baby showed an enviable appetite: Misael constantly wanted to eat, and it seems he was never satisfied.

In the first month of life, the baby gained 3 kg of weight. Over time, the pace did not decrease at all.

By age five, the boy weighed 80 kg – almost like an adult man.

Misael was examined by the best doctors in the country, who came to the conclusion that he had a rare genetic feature – Prader-Willi syndrome.

The feature is poorly understood, as it is extremely rare. Children with this syndrome have a tendency to be overweight and impaired mental development is manifested.

The saddest thing is that the doctors do not know how to help the boy.

Working with a psychologist and food restrictions do not help. Misael was prescribed walking, but he is simply not able to walk for a long time.

Parents only hope that there will be specialists from other countries who will be able to somehow help the baby, since the weight becomes dangerous for him.

Misael periodically stops breathing during sleep, which can end bad if an effective method of treatment is not found.

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