The girl climbed a giant tree and did not get off it for two years: see why

The girl climbed a giant tree and did not get off it for two years: see why

On December 10, 23-year-old Julia climbed a tree 55 meters high.

There was a crowd around, skeptics believed that the girl would go down the very next day. They were wrong: Julia Hill spent the next two years in the tree and went down in history.

The crowd around the tree was mostly made up of angry lumberjacks.

Julia, in the company of “greens”, protested against cutting down unique forests. A team with bulldozers and axes got close to a giant mammoth tree, whose age exceeded 500 years and reached a height of 60 meters.

Julia could not give such a tree. No one had time to come to their senses, as the girl climbed almost to the very top of the giant.

The night lasted, in the morning like-minded people helped her build a real hut at a height of 50 meters. The wide and strong branches of the mammoth tree would have sustained an entire house.

Julia maintained contact with the outside world through her group. They brought her food and everything she needed.

But the girl had to go through a lot: she caught a storm, winter cold, downpours and attempts to attack the tree.

The whole country gradually learned about the young rebel.

Cutting down trees in this area turned out to be simply impossible, the president drew attention to the situation.

The management of the logging company made concessions – Julia saved not only her tree, but also a plot of relic forest with a diameter of 100 meters.

In total, the girl spent even more than two years on the tree.

Julia Hill did not give up this activity. Today she holds up to 250 performances a year around the world and is fully dedicated to protecting nature.

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