The girl was always bullied because of her appearance, as she grew up she changed a lot.

The girl was always bullied because of her appearance, as she grew up she changed a lot

It is not surprising that so many mothers post photos of their children on their social media pages. This proves that parents are proud to share photos of their cute children online. May it be candid or otherwise, netizens can’t help but enjoy browsing through various photos of children around the world.

Recently, photos of a cute and chubby little girl graced the internet, and she was fondly called, “The Uncle Baby.”

Why was she called as such? The little girl, whose name is Hyul, has a weary facial expression in most of her photos which her mother shared on her Instagram page.

Although she is still a child with chubby cheeks, a photo with her lying on a couch with her round belly showing and a tired facial expression, she looks like an uncle who is resting at home after coming home from work. 😆

Watching TV while lying on a couch with her bare belly and weary expression, netizens can’t resist her cuteness…

Trying to weigh herself and see how much weight she has gained (or lost)…

Not feeling satisfied with what she witnessed on the weighing scale, the little girl would rather drink afternoon tea to release her stress 😆. Her brother took her toy though, adding to her sad mood.

This cute child uses her belly to carry her backpack just as an uncle uses his beer belly to carry a belt bag.

Hyul sleeps right on the spot when she gets tired of playing.

Her yellow pig-designed clothes become three-dimensional.

From behind, the little girl’s butt is chubby and cute. She is flexible as she is chubby, though.

She can run fast when she is chased. (Chubbiness does not apply)

The chubby girl does not care about her image and has no qualms about showing her habits.

Afternoon tea… For dinner… For breakfast the next day… Hyul and her brother never forget their refreshments.

▼You may go to the Instagram page of Hyul’s mother to see more of this cute little girl’s photos. However, it is not surprising that the little girl is as beautiful as her mother who appears to look only like a college student!

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