The novel of a kitten and a dog has become a story that everyone should read

The novel of a kitten and a dog has become a story that everyone should read

For many people, animals become not just pets, but also friends.

When a dog appeared in the Plaja family, everything changed.

A puppy named Taco made the life of the spouses completely different.

Taco’s owner, Delfina, says the dog was very energetic and active.

With the appearance of Taco, laughter began to sound again in their house.

Nearby, in the neighbor’s garage, there lived a kitten who was adopted.

And so he decided to go out to meet Taco.

The animal turned out to be very friendly, it was not afraid of the dog.

The little kitten wanted to play and cuddle with the puppy, he was always waiting for him outside to talk again.

Delphine knew that when they went for a walk, their friend would already be there.

A real friendship arose between the kitten and the dog.

The dog often asked to go out to see the cat.

The more time passed, the more difficult it was to separate friends.

One day it began to rain, and Delphine saw the kitten sitting in the rain and waiting for them.

It was impossible to look at it calmly. So the woman ran and grabbed the baby.

He was wet from the drops, but was happy to be at a friend’s house.

Spouses say that the animal purred for two days.

They don’t know exactly what it means. It could be from happiness or excitement.

Friends were together, and they could no longer separate them.

Now the whole Plaja family raises not only a dog, but also a cat, considering themselves a happy flock.

The cat was named Tequila and inspired people to further help animals.

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