This couple’s journey has gone viral, and you won’t believe how old they were when they first became parents

This couple’s journey has gone viral, and you won’t believe how old they were when they first became parents

Susie, 50, and Tony Troxler, 61, became parents for the first time. They dreamed about it for many years and finally defeated infertility.

They got married 13 years ago. Since then, they tried to conceive a child, but nothing worked.

Susie added that she and her husband did not even know about the existence of IVF, so they did not consider this option.

Three years ago, Tony took a job in the security department at Cone Health. Susie came there for a check-up with a gynecologist, whom she saw for the first time.

“At the end of the appointment, she asked me a question that no one had asked me before: “Do you have any other concerns or questions? We can work on it,” Susie recalled.

The woman was referred to a reproductive specialist.

The gynecologist explained that in the case of younger patients, she orders an examination to find out if they have problems associated with infertility.

But due to Susie’s age, the gynecologist decided that there was little time left for conception.

The couple underwent IVF, but it was not possible to create a viable embryo. In 2019, Susie received a donor embryo transplant. It didn’t settle down.

Then the Troxlers decided on the last attempt – they still had one more viable embryo.

This time everything worked out. The couple could not believe their luck!

Susie went through the pregnancy without complications, and on October 29, their long-awaited daughter, who was named Lily, was born. Together with the parents, the gynecologist also rejoiced.

“She is our miracle child,” said the happy mother.

She and her husband believe that children appear in the life of their parents when they need to, and Lily was born at just such a time.

Now the newly-made parents stay up at night, change diapers, but they say that they would never exchange this experience for something else.

Susie and Tony still can’t believe they finally have a baby.

Susie cannot get used to the fact that she is now a mother, and Tony looks at the baby for a long time and cannot stop admiring.

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