What the girl had to go through to get rid of complexes due to weight

What the girl had to go through to get rid of complexes due to weight

Many girls dream of becoming a model, or at least look no worse than pictures in glossy magazines.

Everything seems to be fine in these girls: face, smile, luxurious hair. There is only one thing missing: a perfect figure.

It seems to them: they just need to lose weight and that’s it. First they reduce portions of food, and then switch to only water. And they can no longer get on their feet: they are staggering from exhaustion.

Something similar happened with Xenia: she took up her weight loss. And in her desire to achieve the “ideal” she crossed every line.

10 years ago, the girl rapidly began to lose weight, and no longer looked like a model, but like a walking skeleton.

She contacted a TV show and asked for help. It was simply impossible to look at her without horror. With a height of 158 cm, she weighed only 23 kg.

Xenia barely moved, stepping with great difficulty.

The problem with her weight was so serious that without the help of specialists she would not have coped.

What is characteristic is that the girl’s weight was quite normal – 48 kg, but she really wanted to become a model, and began to torture herself with hunger. She thought that this was a lot for a model, and she started working on herself.

At first, the girl simply reduced portions and limited herself to some products, and later switched only to water.

Naturally, body weight decreased, weight went away. But Xenia felt happy until she began to faint. And her body just stopped eating.

Fortunately, thanks to the professionals, they were able to return Xenia to a healthy look.

Since then, 10 years have passed, the girl gained weight and got noticeably prettier. She has found a job in a beauty salon, and helps all women feel beautiful.

The story of Xenia ended successfully, she returned to normal life again.

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