When a mute girl uses these amazing words to communicate with her therapy donkey, everyone is surprised.

When a mute girl uses these amazing words to communicate with her therapy donkey, everyone is surprised.

Shocks was discovered by rescuers on a farm in Ireland as he was resting on a field with a rope looped around his neck, seriously harming the animal’s skin.

Its owner decided for some reason that regular bleach would treat ulcers and abrasions. And without second thought, he applied this treatment to «cure» the donkey.

Of course, he made things worse. Shocks, the poor dog, was transported to a vet office before being taken to a shelter in Birmingham, where he made friends with his relatives and learnt how to «heal» himself.

At the reserve, where Shocks wound up, kids with developmental issues or just in need of psychiatric support are brought.

Thus, the protagonist of this tale met Amber, who was two years old at the time.

The girl had a tracheotomy at birth, a difficult medical procedure that injured her ligaments.

The child was unable to speak or make any sounds as a result.

Additionally, Amber was given the horrible news that she has cerebral palsy.

It was tough for her to gather strength and move because of this illness.

The reserve was explained to the girl’s parents, who were advised to get Amber acquainted with donkeys.

The youngster just so happened to run into Shocks there.

The two of them clicked right away; the donkey let Amber embrace him and encouraged her to be active, which finally helped her deal with the effects of her paralysis.

Even riding was taught to the girl.

Amber endured a second procedure to repair her vocal cords when she was three years old.

Although it was successful, Amber remained silent.

She visited Shocks a few months later in 2013 and spent some time with him. She then unexpectedly gave the donkey a hug and murmured, «I love you, Shocks,» as she turned to leave the reserve.

Parents of Amber were overjoyed.

After this incident, Amber quickly went on the mend.

Now she goes to school and grows up as a strong girl, periodically visiting her Shocks.

The fates of the donkey and Amber were not the easiest before their first meeting, but now there is no doubt that a bright future awaits them.

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